A Great Mediator

"Scott mediated a divorce between myself and my ex-husband. We have one young daughter together. This was a challenging divorce but Scott negotiated a divorce and child custody agreement that we are both happy with. Scott is affordable and great at what he does. Scott also never had a mediation that he could not successfully resolve."

- Shelby Ruggles, Michigan

Competent & Detailed

"Scott is a competent and detailed real estate agent, great at listings. His negotiation skills achieves the best outcome and price no matter what side of a transaction that he is on."

- Ann, Michigan

Great At What He Does

"I was worried about the general incompetence of Realtors until I met Scott. Scott made an incredible comparative market analysis and used multiple methods. With his comprehensive analysis, I was sure my house was priced right to maximize the monies I could achieve without a prolonged closing experience. The buyer had a big shot Realtor that tried to strong arm us to lower the sale price, but Scott is a seasoned negotiator from his mediation skills. It was just so impressive."

- Sally Williams, Michigan

They Do Not Come Any Better, Knowledgeable, Great at What He Does

"They don't come any better than this gentleman here ... Completely professional and a cut above the rest ....Highly recommend Scott !!"

- George Nishanian, Michigan